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This article will teach you how to setup your custom domain records for FatCow to attach to your new DudaOne site. This will allow your visitors to go to yourwebsite.com or www.yourwebsite.com to access your website. You will have to own your own domain .


Steps to follow

  1. Login to your FatCow Control Panel
  2. In the Control Panel, scroll down and find the Domains section.
  3. Click on DomainCentral. 
  4. Find the domain you want to add a record to and click the + symbol next to it.
  5. Find the DNS section and then change the Modify drop-down to CNAME Alias.
  6. Below you will see two empty boxes, please the following information in them:
    1. Host: www
    2. Points To: s.dudaone.com
  7. Click Add next to the new record.
  8. Go back to your Control Panel, scroll down and find the Domains section.
  9. Click on DomainCentral.
  10. Find your domain name and click on it.
  11. Select Pointers.
  12. In the dropdown select "URL"
  13. For "Points To" type in www.YOUR_DOMAIN.com and select the Standard option.
  14. Click Save at the bottom.

If you'd like, you can check out FatCow's documentation on this.

Common issues

One item that might come up when trying to create the CNAME record is an error message notifying you that there already is a record in place for @ or www. You will need to delete the existing records for these values and then start at step 5 above. They are probably under the 'A record' section. 

Wait! Creating CNAME records might take up to 24 hours to fully propagate. This means that your site will not be available quite yet.



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