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Note: This article pertains to Duda legacy pricing.

You can review your payment history and upcoming charges on the Payment menu of your Account Settings dashboard. 

Access Payment History

  1. Go to your Dashboard at and log in, if necessary.
  2. Hover over your account email.


3. Go to Payment


View your Site History

From the Payment menu, you can see a list of all your subscriptions. You can click on the arrow icons in each category to sort by that category and click the + icon to drop down a list of all payments made for each subscription. Click the View link on the right to see a printable invoice for that payment.

You can click the Clear Sort button to clear any changes to the default sorting you've made.

Export to Excel

Download all of your available subscription info in an Excel file (.XLSX format).  Just click the Export to Excel link below your subscription list.


Troubleshooting & FAQ's

I believe I'm getting double billed

If you're seeing duplicate charges on your card, please check to see;

  • How many premium sites are on your dashboard. Every premium and business+ site means it's a site with a subscription attached to it.
  • Check your other accounts to see if you have another site on that account.

If even after checking your sites you're unable to match up the billing invoices to any paid sites, please contact our billing team. You will be able to find the best number to reach our billing team on the receipt that was sent to you via email.

Understanding renewals

Every site and plan offered in the DudaPlatform (with the exception of the site for life) are purchased as a recurring subscription.

That means, depending on the plan you select, you will be charged on a monthly or yearly basis in order to keep the site live. This is to avoid unexpected downtime of our services for missed payments.

If you wish to cancel your site, see our article here for canceling sites.

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