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Staff members have access to all sites in your DudaPro account and are assigned permissions based on which group you place them in.

NOTE: Staff will receive communications from Duda, such as product release notes.

Manage Staff

Click on a group to see its members. A staff member can only be assigned to one group.


Click the edit button to change staff details, or change group assignment.


Click the delete button to remove a staff member. Please note, a staff member that has been deleted will no longer be able to log in or access your DudaPro account. If you want to re-assign staff member to a different group, make sure to use the Edit feature instead.



Add Staff

Click Add Staff to enter details and assign a permission group for your staff member.


Adding Multiple Staff Members

Click the plus button to add multiple staff members, one at a time.


You can also upload a CSV of staff members by clicking the Upload CSV link.


The CSV must be in *.csv format (not *.xls), and should have three columns; email, firstName, lastName.  See example below.

email firstName lastName John Doe Jane Doe Bob Smith


Stats Access for Staff Members

A staff member that wants to get stats emails for a specific site can do so through the stats tab.



Permissions are controlled at the group level, to see a group's permissions, click the view/edit button. (Permissions can only be edited for custom groups)  


For information on creating a custom group, click here.


If you do not receive emails from Duda, please make sure to check your spam folder. If you still do not see the email, make sure to white list the IP in your email provider's settings. 


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