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1.  Login to your Network Solutions account by clicking here.
2.  After logging in, make sure you are under the My Products & Services tab.
3.  Find the ‘My Hosting Packages’ and click on the ‘Upload Files (FTP)’ link below.
4.  Click on ‘File Manager.’
5.  This should take you to the web root folder.
6.  Find the index.html file (or base file of your website) and select it. Note: You will need to setup this redirect on all pages which you want to make mobile friendly.
7.  At the bottom of the page, click on the small edit link.
8.  Click on the ‘Switch to Text’ at the top right of the page.
9.  Find the <head> tag of your website and click enter/return to create a new line.
10.  Click copy your redirect code then paste it after the <head> tag.
11.  Click save at the top right. 

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