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When a redirect sends the viewer to a jumbled version of the mobile home page, the snippet ,true will have to be added to the redirect script. Normally this happens because the original home page has two different URLs that direct viewers to the same page.


For example:

This can cause our system to think the second URL is a different page and it will automatically create a mock up for it. 


1. Login to your hosting provider and open the index file in the file manager. If your original site was built using a CMS, open the header box/HTML box where the script was pasted.


2. Add ,true between the closing quotations and the closing bracket after the mobile address. The example below demonstrates where to place the snippet of script in red text.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">DM_redirect("",true);</script> 

3. Save your changes and publish if needed. Your site will now redirect to the correct page you have created in the mobile editor.


One thing to keep in mind is that all pages with ,true in the redirect, will be redirected to the mobile home page. To enable inner pages to redirect to their correct mobile pages, one can place the original redirect script within their header.

Don't remember how to redirect a site? Check out our Basic Redirect Post.

If your site comes from Wordpress, you will have to deactivate the plugin and add the redirect the traditional way. To learn how to implement the redirect script, view our WordPress Redirect Post.


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