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The platform allows you full access to editing your site. You can add elements to your site, move elements around or even delete elements from your pages.

Adding elements

To add elements, first select the page you want to add elements to. You can do this by navigating to the page in the right sidebar.

Once there, choose the tab that you want to drag elements from. There are about 4 tabs in all (popular, business, design and social). Drag those into the editor to create more elements in your site.

Deleting elements

Deleting elements from your mobile site is as easy as clicking on the content in your site and then clicking on the Delete option.

Here's an example of a Contact Form being deleted:

Moving elements

If you want to move an element, simply click on it, and drag it to where you want in the mobile site

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

I can't select an element to delete or modify it

This is mostly an issue due to the code that was imported. It might be interfering with the editor's ability to allow you to edit content on the site.

To fix this issue, try to hover your mouse over the element to reveal a rectangle, which indicates the element in the editor. From there, try to play around to find a "spot" that can be clicked, which is usually around the edge.

If you're unable to do that, try to look past the element to see if it's contained in another element, then click and delete that.

If that fails, simply delete the page and re-add it in the editor. You can also try resetting the page.

I can't drag elements from the header into the body

Content in the header/footer/body and non-transferrable between each other. This means they can't be dragged and dropped from one section to the next.

Instead, simply copy the element and paste it where you want it to be placed.



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