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Sometimes you just can't stand the way a page looks, or have added a page by accident, or would like to simplify your website by removing pages. For these occasions, our "Delete Page" option is precisely what you need. You can access the "Delete Page" button on any page by following three simple steps:


1. Go to "Pages"

2. Select the page

3. Select the "delete page" button in the Page Info box

Be careful when you delete a page that it's the one you mean to delete - you can't recover pages you've deleted!

If you're having trouble deleting a page, the following steps will fix 90% of the issues that can arise:
1. Go to design -> layout -> customize
2. Hover over the page you're trying to delete, and press the "Change Link" button (looks like a chain)
3. Select "Click to Call" from the radio button menu
4. Enter a random phone number (this can be anything)
5. Press Done
6. Reload the editor (shortcuts are ctrl-R or command-R) 
7. Follow the above directions for deleting the page in question. You should be good to go!


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