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The Button feature allows you to easily create a button to lead your visitors to another page.

Adding the Button feature

  1. From the pages section of the DudaMobile editor, first choose the page you'd like your button to display on.
  2. Go to the Content section and select the design tab.
  3. Drag the button feature into the editing frame.
  4. Once you've placed the element, you'll need to add a button name and destination.

Setting up your Button

The Button element can be set to send visitors to a website URL, a new page you created, an email address, or a phone number. 

  • If you use the Website URL option, you'll need to include the URL of your choice (another page on your desktop site you'd like to convert, for example, or a page on someone else's site), then select whether you want to not mobilize the link (if this box is checked, the page will not be auto-mobilized byDudaMobile) and whether you'd like the page to open in a new window.
  • If you use the New page you created option, you'll be presented with a dropdown of all of the pages from scratch you've added to the mobile site.
  • If you use the Email Address option, you'll need to provide an email address. This will prompt the visitor's phone to use its default email application to send an email to the address listed.
  • If you use the Click to Call option, you'll need to provide a telephone number. This will prompt the visitor's phone to use its default phone application to call the telephone number listed.
Changing the Button's loo

Each Button element has the following display options:

Link Set up your button and what text to display on it.

Change the button's icon.


Colors: Change the button's background color, image, and border.

Effects: Toggle shadow, rounded corners and whether to show an icon for the button.

Text Style: Change the button's text style.


Spacing: Set the height, padding, and margin of the element.

Alignment: Set the alignment of the element (left, right, or center).

CSS: Change the element's CSS

HTML: Change the element's HTML


Troubleshooting and FAQ's

There's a border or drop shadow that I can't remove

There are some sites that have this style imported in. You can remove it either by;

  • Using custom CSS or
  • Deleting the button and re-adding it to the site
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