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Google released a blog post recently offering some insight into how Google sees and ranks mobile sites that use redirects. As you might be familiar, DudaMobilecreates a second mobile specific site for you to redirect mobile visitors to. Google strongly recommends that you redirect users to the same page on the mobile site as they wanted on the desktop site. As an example, you might go directly to russelldonuts.com/location, you would want to go to the location page on the mobile site as well, instead of being redirected to the home page. 


Google provides this image as a bad example:



The good news is that DudaMobile takes care of this automatically for you. Our redirect code, by default, will redirect visitors to the same page on the mobile website as they intended to visit on the desktop site. The only part that might be tricky is making sure that you have the redirect code on all pages of your site. If you used the standard javascript code, this might not be the case. We do recommend that you install the redirect code on all pages of the site, but realize this is not always the easiest task. 


Additionally, one nice trick is that Duda takes care of is even if you have not edited the page, DudaMobile can create a mobile version of the page on the fly. This ensures that the visitor will always see a mobile optimized page. 


Check out a blog post authored by DudaMobile's CEO on this topic.




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