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The RSS feed feature is a great way to add content to your mobile site. An RSS feed is simply a formatted list of the latest posts that can be frequently checked for updates. It is most commonly used with blogs, but it is also used in podcast subscriptions & more. Please note, to use the RSS feature, you must have a feed URL where you will be getting the latest posts from.



1. Find the feed you want to add on the internet. Make sure it is the direct link to the feed. This means it usually ends with .rss, .xml or says feed in the name. 
2. Head over to your DudaMobile Site Editor and make sure you are on the pages section.
3. Find the RSS Feed feature -- It is under the 'social' category.
4. Drag the RSS feed into your mobile site where you would like to place it.
5. Add the feed URL we have from step one into the box. Click the search icon.


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