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The mobile map button is one of our most popular features. Just tap a button to get directions, these buttons are a great way to help potential customers find you and drive business to your store. 



1. Start in the pages section of the DudaMobile editor.

2. In the content area, locate the Mobile Maps feature and drag it into the desired location on the mobile site.

3. From the panel that opens you'll be given the option to use a Google Places account to set up the location of the map (to use this option you must have a previously existing Google Places account), or manually enter your address if you do not have a Google Places account.

Using Google Places

1. Select the "Find in Google Places listing" option from the editing panel.

2. From there you'll enter the url that's associated with your Google Places listing, select the country, postal code, and enter your city if you'd like. When you've entered all of your information click the magnifying glass to search for your listing. 

3. Select your business from the search results and that will connect your Mobile Map button with your Google Places listing. If you decided you'd like to enter your address manually click the Back button.

Entering Your Address Manually

1. Select the "Find in Google Places listing" option from the editing panel. 

2. On the next page you'll be able to open you'll be able to enter your street address just like you would on a mailing label. If you want to double check that you've gone to the correct location click the view on map link below the country designation.

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