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Place images, text, or any two items side by side with the 2 Columns feature.

Add columns

  1. From the pages section of the DudaMobile editor,  select the Design tab in the Content section. 
  2. Drag the 2 Columns element into the mobile site.
  3. Add content to each column.

Set up columns

The 2 Columns element can contain any other DudaMobile element (including another 2 Columns element). Just drag an element (for example a paragraph or image) into one of the columns, and another element into the other. The elements will now show side by side.

  • Adjust the column width by clicking and dragging the divider between the columns.
  • Each side of the 2 Columns element will size itself to match its contents, but if those contents have a fixed aspect ratio (You've placed an image into one side, for example), reducing the width of that side will also reduce its height.
  • You can change your column's look by clicking on the middle bar and selecting the edit button.

Change column design

Each 2 Columns element has the following display options:


Color: Change the background color, border, and background image of the element.

Shape: Change the element's shape and toggle whether it has a shadow.


Spacing: Set the padding and margin of the element.

CSS: Change the element's CSS.


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