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Deleting a site removes it from your dashboard and makes it inaccessible. Please note that it is not possible to reverse this process. All backups of a site are deleted during the deletion process.

A site can only be deleted if it is downgraded and the site is not published.

CAUTION: Be sure to uninstall the mobile redirect before deleting a mobile site, otherwise mobile visitors will be redirected to a non-existent page with the error "site not found".


1. First, Downgrade the Site.

2. Make sure the site is unpublished. If the site is published, first unpublish it:

3.  Open the site administration menu, and select Delete


4.  A pop-up will appear giving you three options.

Reset and Convert

This will give you the option to start over by converting the site again.  All previous edits and changes to the site will be permanently lost.  You can also choose to convert from a different URL or build from a different template.

Delete site

This will permanently delete the mobile site.


This will return you to the Dashboard without making any changes to the site.

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