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If you've made it to DudaMobile, you've probably at least heard the term mobile website. Mobile websites are our specialty. Still, not everyone knows exactly what a mobile website is. At its core, a mobile website is a solution to a problem created by the popularity of smart phones. Standard websites are just not usable on phones, and DudaMobile makes it easy to quickly and automatically create a new website that is usable on phones and other mobile devices.

The Reason for Mobile Websites

Many businesses are set up with a desktop website, designed for computers and built to give interested parties access to the information they want about that business. Smartphones and other mobile devices have become more and more popular and anyone that's used a smartphone to visit a non-mobile friendly website can tell you that finding your way around, clicking on links and picking out any information that you might be interested in can be really frustrating. The fact that standard sites scroll sideways, are too big to display visibly on a screen, and use fingers, rather than a much more accurate mouse to register clicks, adds up to a bad experience for your visitors.

The Solution

DudaMobile's mobile websites are designed to fix these issues. A mobile website is a smaller, rearranged version of your website designed to fit logically within the screen of a smart phone. The whole site is no wider than 320 pixels, the standard width of a smart phone, and only scrolls vertically. Instead of standard text links, buttons are used to give a more finger-friendly experience.

Mobile websites place a strong emphasis on calls to action like Click-to-Call buttons, where visitors can tap a button to place a phone call to your business. Mobile Maps take advantage of the GPS in your visitor's phone to help them find the location nearest to them and pull up a map that leads them right to you, all with the click of a button. The best part is, all of this can be added to your DudaMobile site with our simple drag and drop site builder.

A mobile website makes your business more accessible to potential customers who find your business from mobile search. It's all about making your customers happy with the experience they have when they're looking for you, and increasing the number of those people that become paying customers while you're at it.

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