I paid for premium; why does my URL still show dudamobile?

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When you upgrade your site to Premium, one of the features you purchase is the ability to customize your site's URL. DudaMobile doesn't have access to your domain host, however, so we can't set this up without your help.

How to set up and activate your custom URL

  1. Set up a CNAME record (that's a Canonical Name record, a signpost which points visitors to your mobile URL to our servers). We have a brief guide on doing this here
  2. Change your redirect script to match. Here's the generic redirect script:
    <script src="http://static.duda.co/DM_redirect.js"type="text/javascript"></script>​

    <script type="text/javascript">
  3. Change the m.example.com in this code to your mobile URL (for example, if your site was sitename.com, and your CNAME was set up with the alias m, you'd use m.sitename.com)
  4. Replace your existing redirect with this new redirect (or add it to your desktop site, if you don't already have a redirect). You can find a guide on doing this here.
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