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To switch your site subscription from a credit card to PayPal you will need to un-publish your site, cancel your credit card subscription, then create a new subscription with PayPal, and republish your site.

Please note: It is important that you complete the process in that order. If you cancel first, you will lose the ability to unpublish your sites and ads will appear.

Unpublish your site

1.  From the Go Live step on the editor, click the Unpublish link.

2.  Click YES to confirmation.

Cancel Current Subscription

1.  From the Dashboard, click the Payment Info link.


2.  Click the Cancel my plan link.


3.  Fill out the feedback form and click Cancel my subscription.


Create New Subscription

1.  From the dashboard, click the upgrade button next to your site.


2.  Continue at the prompt.


3.  Enter your billing information and select PayPal to check out.


Republish your site

1.  From the Dashboard, click the publish link.


2.  Click to publish your site.


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