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You can now integrate your Yext business information into your website. Using the Yext widget available in the Experimental Features on the website builder, you will be able to add your Yext schema data to your site as well as business information hosted on Yext. 


The Yext widget is available on the platform if you enable experimental features. However, in order for the Yext widget to work, you will need to start by adding your integration code to the Yext widget.

Integrating Yext into your website

Navigate to the top bar and click the info icon. Enable experimental features so you will have access to the Yext widgets.



Drag the Yext widget onto your site. We recommend that you drag the widget into the footer. If you have multiple locations that you want to add to the site, you can add the Yext widget to a body row in each page of your site (not the header or footer).


Log into your Yext account.



Click on the Pages tab and navigate to the Knowledge Tag section.



Click the “Add Knowledge Tags to Website” button.


Choose the desired location from the drop-down to generate your integration code.



Copy the integration code, then navigate back to your website builder and click on the Yext widget in order to add the integration code.


The Yext widget code will not show up on the live site, but it will appear in your website builder.


Using other Yext widgets

After integrating Yext with your website, you can use the dropdown to select the Yext Logo, Address, Phone and Hours widgets.



Any updates that you make on your Yext account to the address will also be applied to the Yext widgets.

Please note that if you have not added the Yext integration code, the Yext widgets will not display your address data.


I don’t see the Yext widgets in my widgets menu. Where are they?

You must enable the Yext widgets in the Experimental Features section. Click the info icon in the top bar to access experimental features.


Will users be able to see the integration code on the live site?

No. The Yext integration widget will not show up on the live site and will not show the integration code, however, the other Yext widgets will show address information if you add them to the site.

How do I know if the integration works?

If the integration works, you will be able to find the schema tag and local business information when you submit your website to the Google Structure Data Testing Tool.

How do I integrate multiple addresses onto the site?

If you are integrating multiple addresses onto the site, then you will want to put the Yext widget in the body of the page instead of the footer. This way you can apply a different address to each page on the site.

If I change my business information on my Yext account, do I need to republish to update my live site?

The Yext widgets will update automatically when you change the business information on your Yext account. However, we encourage that you republish your site after any changes are made so that your live site is always updated.

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