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Add Premium images to your site via our Shutterstock integration. You can try out a Premium image before purchase; these images will display on your site with watermarks. You can proceed with the purchase at any time from the Content menu or the Image Picker menu.


Select a Premium Image



You can select a premium image from the image picker like any other image. Select Premium Images from the drop-down to see a selection of Premium images that match the search keyword.




Try out a Premium Image


Before you purchase a premium image, you can try it out on your site. After you select a Premium Image, click the 'Try it out' button. The image will display with a Shutterstock watermark. Please note that it is possible to publish with a watermark image; the image will simply display with a watermark on the live site.

Purchase a Premium Image

All images are $3. Premium image purchases are non-refundable.

Pending Purchases



Once you begin trying out a premium image, that image will go into a Pending cart. On the Content menu, a little star will display indicating that you have a pending purchase.



In the Image Picker, a subfolder called Pending Images will appear. If you click on the pending image a cart will appear for you to complete the purchase. 


You can either purchase the contents of the cart or remove the pending images from the cart.



Remove a Premium Image

Although you can unselect a Premium image from displaying in a widget, it is not possible to delete a Premium image from your Content folder or Image Picker.



Premium image purchases are non-refundable. These purchases are also single site licenses, meaning you will you not be able to transfer premium images from one site to another. For the same reason, premium images cannot be downloaded from the editor. To learn more, please view our article on image licenses.

Please note that Client accounts will not be able to purchase premium images. In regards to Staff, admins will automatically be given permission to purchase premium images. For any other Staff groups, you will need to add the permission manually. 


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