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Nextag is a price comparison site where shoppers find great deals on their favorite products, and Internet merchants get a large platform to list their goods for sale. Nextag provides a comparison of latest prices, including tax and shipping, from a wide range of sellers and stores. 

Nextag offers the following opportunities:

  • FREE, automated, ROI tracking system to optimize your campaign
  • Promotional messaging platform for easy implementation of voucher codes and marketing messages
  • 30 million unique visitors each month and growing. 80% of our audience is unique - you won't find the majority of our visitors on other CSEs
  • Buyer Reviews and Trusted Seller program - gain credibility that will increase your sales

If you want to offer your products lists at Nextag site you can join this service easily and quickly with your store. When you connect your store with Nextag, your products will appear on wide lists of Nextag website.


Millions of users search for goods and compare offers from different shopping sites website. Once a user submits a search request for needed products of the type you're selling, your products will come up with the search results. The user will follow your links and get to your store site to place an order.

How to setup

1. Please, proceed to your control panel -> Promotions -> Marketplaces, and select Nextag.

Choose these parameters showing under "Settings":

Marketplace category: Select a category in which your items will be shown at Nextag site. You should specify a category that will best describe and categorize what you're selling.

Product condition: The condition of your products: new, refurbished, used. 

Save the changes.

"Feed link" displays a link to the products feed - a file of a specific format (required by Nextag) containing latest data on your products. You will need to load it to your Nextag account. This feed is generated automatically and updated each 12 hours. The file fully meets requirements by Nextag. You only need to download it from the control panel and load it to Nextag.

For the next steps, follow the instructions displayed on the same page:

2. Sign up an account with Nextag and start your campaign to offer products on these services:

1) Open Nextag Partner Dashboard and click the "Set Listing Options" link under the "Product Listings" section.

2) Click on the "Advanced" tab. Set "File Format" to "Nextag" and choose "Nextag will get my file from my FTP server or HTTP address".

3) Set "HTTP Address" to your Feed URL (leave username and password empty) and press "Upload Products".

The Feed URL is shown in your control panel System Settings -> Promotions -> Marketplaces -> Nextag, section Settings.

The Nextag team will review your application and activate your profile. You should refill your account balance, set up bids and launch your first campaign to gain more sales.

Please, visit Nextag FAQ for more information or contact


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