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What Is a Custom Domain?

This is the address where people will find your website online. You can set this address to use any domain which you own. For example:

Where do I get a domain name?

You can purchase a domain name from within the Duda publish flow. When you do this your domain name is configured automatically. No additional setup required!


You can register a new domain with a compatible registrar. Then follow the additional setup instructions below.

How to Setup your Custom Domain

Setting up a Duda responsive site with your own domain is a one-time setup. The process for getting your domain associated with your Duda responsive site is going to be different for each Domain Provider. Visit this section of our support pages for host-specific instructions, or follow these basic steps for setup:

  1. To connect your domain: log in to your domain host provider, visit the domains section, edit the DNS records and create a CNAME record with the following settings: 
    Host/Alias: www

    If you are connecting a client's domain, you can use our white labeled settings:

  2. Go to the redirect section in your domain hosting area and redirect the base domain (without www) to the URL.

For more information, visit our support article for setting up your custom domain.

Common Errors

Your domain is not set up correctly

This error means either that:

  1. Your domain is not set up and/or propagated appropriately.
    To resolve this, please make sure you've followed the steps in this article and wait up to 24 hours.
  2. We're expecting a different domain name.
    To resolve this, make sure that the site URL in this interface has a www before it.

Domain already in use

This error means that another site in our system is using this domain. To resolve this, if another site in your account uses this domain, go to edit that site and change its assigned domain. If no other sites in your account use this domain, please:

  1. Login to your domain host and create a TXT record with the name value 'domainverification' and have its text value be 'proofofdomain'. This will demonstrate that the domain's owner (you) is requesting the change. 
  2. Contact our support team at to explain the problem so that we can free up the domain for your use.
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